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February 8, 2020


This Week In Gay (TWIG) is a podcast dedicated to discussions of all things LGBTQIA -- news, issues, policy, advocacy, religion and more.  Episodes of TWIG will take a variety of formats. Some episodes will include a single interview on a hot topic, other episodes will serve as a deep-dive conversation in a single-topic with multiple experts, and lastly, the original TWIG format - panel conversation on the news of the week will be a mainstay of the show. TWIG is a proud member of the Pride48 network. 

Show participants include a number of current podcasters, including many from the Pride48 Podcast Community. Listed in no particular order: 

George - @thisweekingay is the host of This Week in Gay

Romo - @podcubs is the founder and host of the Podcubs Podcast

Scott - @satyr69 is the founder and host of the Satyrsphere Podcast

Mark - @mark_musing is formerly of the LOTSL podcast and currently with Midwest Matt's Podcast

Mark - @laffingbuddha is the host of The Scooter Diaries podcast and George's co-host of The North and South of Things podcast. 

Junior - @AJunior2007 is a newcomer to the podcasting community. We look forward to their voice and contributions!

Jay - @hauntcub is of the former LOTSL and Pokin' It With a Stick podcasts. 

Big Fatty - @bigfatty is one of the most prolific podcasters in the LGBT space. His show, Big Fatty Online, has eclipsed 3,000 episodes.

Matt - @MattBurlingame is an author and another prolific podcaster with The Big Gay Sex Show and Chubs Gone Wild. 

Dede is another new voice in podcasting. A brain injury survivor and an advocate for mental health and wellness, we look forward to her contributions to the show.

Arthur - @amerinz is an ex-pat now living in New Zealand. Arthur's podcast AmeriNZ is one of the longest-running shows in the podesphere. He is a student of policy and focuses mostly on issues of The Commonwealth.

Scotty - @0zzieBattler is the second of two international participants and founder and host of the former Little Ozzie Battler podcast. 

Greg - @IC_Greg is the voice behind two successful podcasts - Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth. Greg's thoughtful voice lives where politics and religion collide. 

Wes - @GayCountryWes is a fellow transplant who found his home in Atlanta. He holds the dubious distinction of having pulled me into podcasting. Wes's show The Gay Life of a Country Boy explores what its like to be proud to be gay and Southern. 


TWIG would like to acknowledge the founding host of this show, Anthony. Thank you, Anthony, for supporting the relaunch of TWIG.