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2.12 - The Storm, by Chris Zyda

Next year will mark the 40the anniversary of the start of the AIDS epidemic. The crisis marks one of the darkest periods in LGBTQ+ history. A new book by Chris Zyda, The Storm: One Voice from the AIDS Generation, captures the painful impact of AIDS on all fronts - relationships, family, friends, finances, and life itself. Chris's memoir also speaks to hope, love, compassion, and forgiveness. Join me for a conversation with Chris about his new book. #Pride48

2.11 -Turning the Mic Back On

On this episode... reconnecting, re-engaging... turning the mic back on. If we've learned nothing from 2020, we've definitely learned that there are no certainties in life. Jumping back in with both feet this week with news updates and a preview of next week's episode with Christopher Zyda, author of the forthcoming book "The Storm: One Voice from the AIDS Generation." #Pride48 

2.4 - Introducing Dede

On This Week In Gay, we introduce you to another new voice of the show, Dede! Dede shares how an auto accident and subsequent traumatic brain injury impacted her career and her coming out story with her mother! Thanks for listening! #Pride48 #P48. 

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