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2.3 - Atlanta Pride with Jamie Fergerson

The Stonewall Riots in New York City gave rise to the Gay Liberation Front and other lesbian and gay movements across the U.S., Canada and beyond. Last year, the LGBTQIA+ community celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. 2020 will see similar celebrations from coast to coast as cities like Atlanta mark their 50th year. On this episode of TWIG, we speak with Jamie Fergerson, Executive Director of The Atlanta Pride Committee. We learn about Atlanta Pride's history, evolution and we get a teaser about big plans for it's Golden Jubilee celebration. Learn more about Atlanta Pride at Thanks for listening. #P48 #Pride48

2.2 - Understanding Nonbinary

TWIG Ep 2.2 - In the first full episode of the new This Week In Gay, George talks with Junior (@AJunior2007 on Twitter) to kick off a series of conversations with those outside the cisgender construct. Junior identifies as nonbinary. Lisen as Junior shares their definition of nonbinary and their experiences. We also discuss why labeling people will always be problematic.

2.1 - Reboot of This Week in Gay

Welcome to the reboot of "This Week in Gay." Just a brief intro message to provide a bit of context about the history of the show and the approach to the podcast moving forward. Follow @ThisWeekInGay on Twitter. Find show details at Comments/Questions? Email . The first full episode will drop 2/9/2020. Stay tuned.  This show is a proud member of the Pride48 network. 

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